Many B2B marketers are having full-fledged success with their full funnel marketing.

These marketers are targeting their audiences at scale in the upper funnel to build awareness before a prospect is ready to buy. And in the lower funnel, these marketers are nurturing both known and anonymous contacts until they turn into paying customers.

In this SlideShare, Success Stories: How Top Companies are Winning with Full Funnel Marketing, three B2B marketers – Cetera Financial Group, MyCorporation, and Zuora – share the secrets behind their powerfully effective full funnel marketing philosophies. Get ready to take a deep dive into success and discover:

  • How Cetera used LinkedIn Lead Accelerator to generate almost $1 million in new business, according to the company’s Director of Digital Marketing, Eric Hansen.
  • How MyCorporation’s full funnel approach resulted in ROI of “220 precent and growing,” said the company’s CEO, Deborah Sweeney.
  • How Zuora boosted its page views by 182 percent and increased its brand lift by 21 percent.

For a more in-depth look at the power of full funnel marketing, download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Full Funnel Marketing.