In our continued mission to make the world’s professionals more productive and successful, we have invested over the past few years to evolve LinkedIn into the definitive professional publishing platform.  LinkedIn members share news from
1.5 million publishers, and consume content from the more than 300 notable professional luminaries who contribute original essays through our Influencer program. Today, we are proud to be expanding our content ecosystem with the launch of Sponsored Updates.

With more than 3 million Company Pages on LinkedIn, companies, organizations and institutions have emerged as highly valued sources of relevant content on LinkedIn. Sponsored Updates enable these entities to build relationships by delivering their content into the homepage feed of members beyond those who are following their company.  In developing Sponsored Updates, we’ve taken a measured and methodical approach to create an experience that strikes the right balance for our members and companies.

Marketers are increasingly leveraging content to inform, educate, and inspire their current and prospective customers. But the high quality content they’ve produced – slideshows, articles, videos, and whitepapers – does not always achieve enough reach and engagement on their own channels. With Sponsored Updates, marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content. Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members.

Mercedes Benz Sponsored Update on the LinkedIn feed

Sponsored Updates can be seen on desktop, smartphone and tablet devices and will clearly be marked “sponsored,” appearing in the member’s homepage feed along with the organic posts from their network and the companies they follow.  Members will have the option to “Follow” the sponsoring company as well as “Like,” “Comment” and “Share” posts with their network.

As of today, Sponsored Updates will be available to customers with an account representative, and we will begin making it available to any company with a LinkedIn Company Page by the end of this month. Customers will be able to select either CPC or CPM pricing and can promote updates in 20 languages across the 200 countries and territories where we have members. Additionally, companies can track the effectiveness of their posts through comprehensive analytics that provide insights to help them
fine-tune their strategy in real time.

Our Sponsored Update customers span a wide range of industries and include Allstate Insurance, Box Inc., Domo, Inc., Charles Schwab & Co., General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan Motor Company, The Weinstein Company, Wall Street Journal, Xerox and more. While it’s still early days for us, we are encouraged by the engagement we are seeing, and companies are experiencing positive results.  Below are 3 examples:

Adobe wanted to further establish itself as a leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions by sharing thought leadership content with marketing executives. We partnered with Adobe to perform research to understand their results. Marketing decision makers who saw Adobe’s updates were 50% more likely to agree that Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing, and 79% more likely to agree that Adobe can help them optimize media spend when compared to those not exposed to their Sponsored Updates.

Adobe's Sponsored Update in the LinkedIn feed

Telstra, a leading telecom company in Australia, partnered with us to reach and engage the 4M LinkedIn members in the country. Telstra’s goal was to build relationships and enhance brand perception among Australian professionals.  Their insightful content accelerated the rate at which they attracted new followers by 12%.

HubSpot, a leader in inbound marketing software, used Sponsored Updates to generate inbound leads from marketers in small- to medium-sized businesses. Their campaign delivered on the quality prospects they were seeking by generating 400% more leads coming from their target audience compared to other paid channels.  This was also achieved at a cost per lead that aligned to their business goals.

We are excited to share Sponsored Updates with you. Please visit our Sponsored Updates site for more information.