Lead Nurturing Love

Marketers are increasingly seeing lead nurturing as essential. Because as much as 90 percent of the buyer’s journey may be completed before a prospect reaches out to the sales team, B2B marketers are more responsible for lead nurturing than ever. That’s because marketers are the only ones who can consistently reach prospects during this period where potential buyers are researching purchases online.

Here are some numbers to back up that assertion that lead nurturing is a valuable strategy for marketers:

  • Companies that are good at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads – at a 33 percent lower cost, according to Forrester Research.
  • Leads that have been nurtured make 47 percent larger purchases than leads that have not been nurtured, according to the Annuitas Group.

To explain the concept of lead nurturing – which is essentially communicating with prospects who are not yet ready to buy – marketing automation vendors and marketers alike have used a variety of metaphors. This infographic contains six of our favorite lead nurturing metaphors, which range from the romantic to the agricultural to sports-oriented.

6 of our favorite lead nurturing metaphors

The 3-Martini Lunch: The most effective lead nurturing is like these fabled lunches of the past, because they both should be entertaining, share a little industry knowledge, and eventually get around to talking product.

A Seedling: This metaphor compares nurturing a lead to the skills necessary to cultivate a plant, ideally one that produces the fruit of recurring revenue.

A Conversation: Just like a good conversationalist, the best lead nurturers are all about listening and when they do communicate, they personalize what they say for their prospect.

A Romantic Relationship: In a romantic relationship, you don’t ask your partner to marry you on the first date. With lead nurturing, you don’t ask leads to buy right way, either.

A Teaching Moment: The most effective lead nurturing (and content marketing) shows prospects something they didn’t know — and in fact teaches them something.

A Mediocre Baseball Player: Too often lead nurturing relies on email, which has a disappointing 20 percent open rate, much like a .200 hitter in baseball, who only gets a hit in one out of every five at-bats. (Moving your lead nurturing beyond email with LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, can improve your lead nurturing average).

For a closer examination of these lead nurturing metaphors, check out our latest infographic, 6 Favorite Metaphors for Lead Nurturing.

For more information on how you can create a thriving lead nurturing program, download The Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Lead Nurturing.